Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Wow spring is springing all around. The cats are actually wanting to be outside. The dogs are wanting to stay out longer. Yay! Soon it will be warm and sunny, for us forest critters it is a time greatly anticipated. When I moved here from Arizona people would say "A sun worshiper aye?" well I thought yes at the time. However after living here for many years my blood has thickened , as so has my waist, to get used to the colder winters. I believe now I am a true sun worshiper. The fact is that when we lived in the dessert we hated on the sun going out in it only when we had to. A buck ten or fifteen is brain baking hot. So I would say that we were more like shade and air conditioning worshipers. And now we go out in it no matter how hot it gets, knowing that it will be short lived. So from shade worship to sun worship we are grateful that the sun is returning and soon we will be in the river, on the lakes, and in the mountains. How do you and your pets plan on spending summer this year? Let us know and maybe give out some ideas for others.
~ Manimal