Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today I Rescued A Giant

Spock had a dramatic morning, it all started the same as pretty much all of his mornings tend to start. He of course heard the giants climbing out of their comas that they call sleep long before they were even aware of it themselves. "Fools don't they know you gotta be alert in this world?" As if to confirm this fact of life (Mr Spock likes facts of life, keeps one alert) confirmation came swiftly when an alien mouse rat thing lashed out at Spock's giant monkey friend (who feeds, pets, and hardly ever hurts Mr Spock's feeler) "another fool." It had attached itself to the paw of the giant with an amazingly long tongue that it had somehow wrapped around the giants creepy, almost spider like claws (that were not even sharp) the giant seemed amused, however it was trying to shake the alien off.

No need, giant friend my claws are sharp and know there job very well.  It was on in a flash of raw power and lightning fast reflexes honed to an instant of explosive fury. The alien surely was shocked by it, for he tried desperately to escape the inevitable, as he had thought A FOOL. A single side step and forward lunge and it was go time. Clutching with the claws of mortal engagement he rolled into his opponent and then, the secret move known only to the powerful, non foolish creatures of this world, his back legs rose towards his foe - oh and look more razor sharp doom. It only took three or four good kicks and it was over the alien's tongue snapped like a noodle it must have been it's life line for it died instantly and without a scene. Then the morning got back to normal the giant thanked Mr Spock for the assistance with the foolish alien by giving him one of those spectacular little yummies from the pantry and then Mr Spock slept but, it was not a foolish sleep you can be sure, for you never know what lurches around corners or in boxes but whatever it may be let it come,  Mr Spock will be ready.

~ Spock


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