Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Does Your Cat Love You On It's Terms?

Good day, and here I sit at the infinite possibilities of asking a blog question. I don't ask a bunch because my brain fills with infinite possibilities and I can't seem to pin down one question long enough to start the chore of pecking it out on this machine [ its not as easy as everyone else makes it look ] or the ones I do pin down just sound dumb to me. So I am just going to ask a dumb question any how.

Out of all you guy's that have cats, does you're cat love you on it's terms, you're terms, even split, or not really at all?

My answer is this, Luna my female cat totally loves me on her terms, more likely when its cold or I have some type of interesting food in hand. 

Mr. Spock however is the only cat I have ever had that just can't seem to get enough and is always eager to interact with someone. 

Well there it is my first blog question I have ever asked, may it find you well and happy.

If you have a minute please leave your answer.

~ Manimal (Randy)

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