Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Fun!

Last month we attended a very special wedding. A man who's been in our life since he was in fifth grade tied the knot. 

I'm in the process of putting all the pictures into a video format. I have most of them done already. These are the ones i still need to add so i thought i would share the fun. 

Congratulations to Ryan & Melissa Pickett.

Here's a snapshot of the wedding festivities.

My son Joshua and his girlfriend Melany

Proud mama Laura holding Tani's baby girl. (Laura is Ryan's mother)
Melissa & Melany 
It's time to dance!
Time for the garter belt to come off!
Ryan getting ready to toss the garter belt.

Ryan's brother Steve getting ready to give a toast. Go Steve!

Proud couple admiring their nephew.
Tani cutting the cake. It was sooooo hot inside it was starting to melt.
Me (Carol), Laura and Stacy

My son Tony and his friend Amber posing for the camera.

Tony and Carol

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