Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Wisdom Of Squirrels

I saw a squirrel the other  day sitting in a snow storm gathering some food from our feeder. It was freezing cold and the wind was making it snow sideways. He did not bravely fend off the storm or resist its influence on the day nor did he get angry or upset about it, no heroics or drama just doing what is needed to be done. I feel that often we spend a lot of energy with worry and stress about things we cannot change. The wisdom in that small act of food gathering seems to cover a lot of ground. I wonder how much of our life's troubles are just snow and wind. So I say lets worry about cats , dogs, and eagles when it is needed but let the wind blow and let the snow fly, it is what it is. If baby squirrels can figure it out I think so can we.  ~ Manimal
One of our local visitors last summer.


  1. What a great observation, we do spend too much time worrying about things we can't change.

  2. Living in the moment keeps us grounded and focused on what we can do right now to create change. Thanks for stopping bye SquirrelQueen. Tis to be about squirrel season. :)


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