Thursday, December 22, 2011

Five Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays.

Do you take extra precautions to keep your pets safe during the holidays?
Here's a few of my own personal tips.

1. Keep your favorite chocolates and sweets out of reach of your pet. Real chocolate is toxic to animals. Even foods such as onions, raisins and grapes can cause a severe reaction to pets. 
2. Do not be tempted to feed your pets all your extra holidays scraps. Unless of course they are very healthy scraps and safe for your animals to eat.
3. Preserve their pride. Don't dress them up like Santa or Reindeer's. You'll embarrass them in front of their friends.
4. Plants such as Mistletoe, Holly and Lilies are toxic for your pet. Keep them out of nibbling reach.
5. When leaving the house. Turn off those x-mas lights, blow out the candles and look around for any other potential hazards.
"Why Mom, Why?"

Here's a few great articles that go more in-depth on keeping your pets safe. Enjoy!

Pets: Keep your furry friends safe and happy during the holidays

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