Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Much gratitude for the legacy Steve Irwin left behind.

Do you remember the Crocodile Hunter? I watched Steve Irwin's show with amazement and enthusiasm.

Our whole family would be in awe at the way he handled the crocodiles with little fear and much respect. At one point in time we even adopted an animal virtually from Terri and Steve's Australia Zoo. Like many others I felt a heavy heart when I heard of Steve's death. I followed along with the rest of the world in mourning and watched Terri persevere keeping Steve's dream alive. The kids have grown and wow what amazing kids they are.

Much gratitude for the legacy Steve left behind.

I haven't thought about Steve Irwin or his zoo in a long time. Tonight when I was thinking about writing a blog post he popped into my head. Little did I know Steve's place is still in jeopardy. I remember signing the petition a few years ago. I wondered what was going on with the wildlife preserve so I asked on Facebook for an update. Here's the timely response I received.

Is Steve's place still being threatened by strip mining? What's the latest info on this?

Australia Zoo 
Hi Carol, Thanks for your enquiry. This is a complicated and long drawn out process.

The Wenlock River was declared a Wild River under the Wild Rivers Act in June 2010. But the state and federal governments are still debating the Wild Rivers Act which directly affects the ability/inability to legally strip mine on the Wenlock River. Most notibly, the LNP (Tony Abbott) tried to introduce an anti-Wild Rivers Bill that would undo critical environmental laws protecting Queensland’s pristine Wild Rivers including parts of the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

Our petition is a growing and constant reminder to politicians that Australians want the Wild Rivers Act. So we will keep it going until the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve is proctected forever.

You can read more abou these developments on the Wilderness Society website
and here

The Steve Irwin wildlife preserve is being threatened by strip mining. Help save Steve's place. Sign the petition here!

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