Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving A Snake A Bath

Make sure your tub is clean. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean your tub.
Rinse tub well before filling with warm water. Remove shampoos, soaps, scrubbies, anything your snake is going to knock down and try and crawl around.

Place snake in the tub and let soak 5-10 minutes making sure your environment is warm and not to cold. Snakes need supervision, they are crafty little buggers and will escape the tub.

Take your snake out and dry off with a warm towel. Your snake might even want to curl up in the towel and watch a little tv with you.

Written by: Carol Lawrence
Social media manager, conscious parenting adviser and nature lover.


  1. Oh, I couldn't do this!

  2. Dawn are you afraid of snakes? I was when I first met my husband. I just relaxed and gave the snake a chance. If you know someone with a gentle snake I recommend holding it and working through your fears. They really can be interesting pets.


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