Friday, August 26, 2011

Margaret The Giraffe

This was forwarded to me in an email and I just had to share this story with all of you. Enjoy.

She is not just pretty, she is beautiful and precious and a wonder.

Her eyes are beautiful. Most babies measuring 5 ft would be considered big, but newborn giraffe, Margaret, at Chester Zoo , U.K. , is seen as unusually small for her species. She is one of the smallest giraffes ever born at Chester Zoo but pint-sized Margaret will soon be an animal to look up to [5ft Tall at birth and she's considered 'little', THAT is amazing!]

Little Margaret, who is the first female Rothschild giraffe born at the zoo, is being hand-reared by her dedicated keepers. The first calf for six-year-old mum Fay, Margaret, who was born two weeks early, tipped the scales at just 34 kilos (75 lbs) and is a mere 5 ft tall.

Tim Rowlands team leader of the Giraffes section, said: 'Margaret is one of the smallest giraffe calves we have ever seen. Fay isn't the largest of giraffes and Margaret was also early which might go some way to explaining her size. Margaret was having difficulty suckling, so our keeper team are now hand-rearing her'.

Btw: those eyes of hers are only slightly smaller than a baseball!


  1. Can you imagine snuggling a baby giraffe. I love her big eyes too.

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