Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Five Fun Summer Activities To Do With The Kids.

Summer's rolling right along. You are having fun spending more time with the kids but you've already been through all of your planned Summer activities. What should you do? 

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What should you do?

Here are five fun summer activities to keep the kids busy.

1. Build a boat out of recycled material. Olivia over at Can Do Kids Crafts will show you exactly how she created her boat. She even has a great video for your kids to watch.

2. Visit Creative Kids At Home for all the details on creating a Make-Believe day. Learn how to build a fairy doll, magic wand, fairy wreath, dress up mask or animal mask.

3. Over at Every Day Mom Ideas, you find find a great list of 10 free Summer activities to do with the kids. Great ideas that range from having a nature scavenger hunt to making rock creatures.

4. The Centsible Life has a great idea list:  14 Frugal and fun ways to beat the heat. Including playing board games, bowling and visiting the library.

5. Home-Schooling Ideas.Com has a wonderful list of activities to keep your kids busy while having fun. Geocaching for kids, random acts of kindness and gardening with the kids are just a few of the spectacular activities.

I hope these ideas help keep the kids busy. The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Connect with your kids and enjoy every moment. Before you know it they are grown up and on their own. Being a parent or an important person in a child's life is the most rewarding job on the planet. You are influencing the future.  ~ Sharing is caring please pass on this article to a friend.

Written By: Carol Lawrence
Intentional conscious parenting adviser, mom, wife, nature lover and social media manager.


  1. I love these ideas! It's always so tough to find a good balance between fun and inexpensive and these are all great starters! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Jamie your so welcome. Glad I could help you out with some ideas. Enjoy your summer with the kiddos. Hey thanks for reading my blog.

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