Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christmas In July!

National Wildlife Federation- $7 off

National Wildlife Federation- 50% off

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What if you could change the course of your life right now? Would you?

Do you know everything around you is energy. Every tree, rock, flower, animal..
Every thought you have  is energy.
Do you feel connected to this energy? Is your life flowing smoothly for you right now? Life feels really hard when you are disconnected. Would you like to connect with others on a more conscious living and parenting path? Learning the fundamentals of energy and how to take care of yourself energetically can change your life. Take control and own your own energy.

What if you had hidden superpowers, but
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Discovering energy tools is like discovering
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4) You’ll discover a hidden secret of life
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5) You’ll say to yourself, “Thank you "God", "Spirit", "Angels". This
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The World Wide Energy Summit begins this week so register now. (It's free)
It’s easy, but be ready to be blown away with
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So many people feel trapped by obstacles in
life, or worse they’ve given up hope, slipping
into silent struggle.  Don’t let yourself be
that person.  This can be easily overcome or
avoided by learning simple tools to clear any
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Carol Lawrence

P.S.  I’m so passionate about helping you get
what you need, so I’m willing to be blunt…Not
clicking this link is kind of like saying,
“I’d rather not easily and effortlessly change
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P.P.S.  Einstein, Oprah, and Deepak Chopra agree…
The foundation is sound…
The techniques are simple and powerful…
The results are life-changing…
The cost is F.R.E.E…

Event Hosts: David & Kristin Morelli
David Morelli – A highly sought after Intuitive for top leaders in personal growth, David’s ability to see, read, and heal energy provides the foundation of the extraordinary breakthroughs people experience. An expert in personal transformation, he shares wisdom and laughter with thousands. Serving as a catalyst for transformation in the world, David is dedicated to teaching others - and awakening everyone to their powerful innate abilities to do the same.

Kristin Morelli - A self-taught intuitive, Kristin retired as a self-made multimillionaire and as a single mom at age 30, only to come out of retirement to be a leader in the consciousness movement that is sweeping this planet. Her inspiration is to help people walk the path of authenticity, empowerment and spiritual growth. She brings lightness, fun, and freedom along with tremendous clarity and wisdom to all areas of the awakening journey. 

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Thanks for reading our blog Intentional Conscious Parenting. Next live author chat is on Aug. 2nd. with Caron Goode. See you here!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help Shadow win free vet visits!


My friend Leigh has entered her dog into 
The Cutest Pet In The Garden State Contest.
If her dog Shadow wins she gets a year of Frontline and vet visits!
We all know how nice credit at the vet would be.

If you live in the New Jersey area you can enter your own pet to win.
Click here to >>>>>Vote for Shadow today
All you need to do is leave a comment or like the picture.

Monday, July 18, 2011

People Food Vs Pet Food (What's ok to feed your dog?)

funny dog pictures - If you need me, I'll just   be watching the game.

see more dog and puppy pictures

We all are tempted to share our people food with our beloved pets.
Some people food is great for your dogs and some food can be toxic.

Good food to share: Whenever giving your dog a new food to try, give it to them while you are home to monitor they're reaction.

  • Bits of banana; high in potassium for muscle growth but also very high in sugar so don't over do it.
  • Yogurt; full of probiotics for optimum digestive health.
  • Cooked deboned chicken, mixed with a little cooked rice and a raw egg. I only buy cage free eggs or my lovely neighbor next door shares her fresh chicken eggs. Chickens create salmonella when they are under stress. (no sunshine, caged life, crappy feed, debeeked to prevent pecking) Makes since, don't we all get sick when we are under stress. Think about where your chicken eggs come from. Just because the package says cage free doesn't mean the chicken was able to run around a pasture happily eating bugs all day. Most are kept inside large warehouses that never receive daylight. Happy chickens aren't as susceptible to producing harmful salmonella on their eggs.
  • Carrots, apple slices. Most veggies and grains. Be sure to feed your pet a balanced diet.

Unsafe foods to share with your dogs.
  • Onions and garlic; may thin your dogs blood.
  • Grapes and raisins; can lead to kidney failure.
  • Cocoa Powder and cooking chocolate; increases heartbeat, excessive urination and may eventually cause death.
  • Gravies and sauces; could inflame your pets pancreas.
  • Avocados
  • Macadamia nuts are highly toxic to your pet.
  • Here's a comprehensive list of potential pet dangers.
These are just a few of the do's and don't's. It's always best to play it safe. When in doubt hop online and do some research or give your vet a call.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer kid activity: Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Peanut Butter
Birdseed and dried fruit pieces poured into a wide bowl

Spread peanut butter all over pinecones.
Roll pinecones in birdseed/fruit mixture.
Tie string onto the top of pinecone and hang on tree.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Five Fun Summer Activities To Do With The Kids.

Summer's rolling right along. You are having fun spending more time with the kids but you've already been through all of your planned Summer activities. What should you do? 

(Today I'm sharing some link love. Before you venture off to learn more about an activity please sign up as a follower and leave a comment.)

What should you do?

Here are five fun summer activities to keep the kids busy.

1. Build a boat out of recycled material. Olivia over at Can Do Kids Crafts will show you exactly how she created her boat. She even has a great video for your kids to watch.

2. Visit Creative Kids At Home for all the details on creating a Make-Believe day. Learn how to build a fairy doll, magic wand, fairy wreath, dress up mask or animal mask.

3. Over at Every Day Mom Ideas, you find find a great list of 10 free Summer activities to do with the kids. Great ideas that range from having a nature scavenger hunt to making rock creatures.

4. The Centsible Life has a great idea list:  14 Frugal and fun ways to beat the heat. Including playing board games, bowling and visiting the library.

5. Home-Schooling Ideas.Com has a wonderful list of activities to keep your kids busy while having fun. Geocaching for kids, random acts of kindness and gardening with the kids are just a few of the spectacular activities.

I hope these ideas help keep the kids busy. The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Connect with your kids and enjoy every moment. Before you know it they are grown up and on their own. Being a parent or an important person in a child's life is the most rewarding job on the planet. You are influencing the future.  ~ Sharing is caring please pass on this article to a friend.

Written By: Carol Lawrence
Intentional conscious parenting adviser, mom, wife, nature lover and social media manager.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hiking with my hubby and dogs up the Rattlesnake

Sunday my oldest son Tony and our friend Sal invited us to hike up to their campsite.
Due to a very long and wet Spring we hadn't been hiking once yet this year.

Here's some photos I took along our 6 mile hike.

Goldie and Marv cooling off in Rattlesnake Creek

There was a beautiful meadow next to the creek and their camp spot.
My husband Randy and Goldie.
View from the trail above the creek.

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National Wildlife Federation- $7 off