Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank you Mike Rowe for your testimony to The Senate Commerce Committee!

Our friend Thomas who handcrafts his own one of a kind knives.

Thank you Mike Rowe for giving a voice to so many hard working Americans.
Mike Rowe's Oral Testimony To The Senate Commerce Committee.

We appreciate all the hard workers who make the world go round.
With out the plumbers we wouldn't have running water.
With out the construction workers we would have no homes and buildings. With out the Recyclers our landfills would be overloaded.
My husband Randy is a jack of all trades. He's worked hard his whole life. He loves learning new things and is willing to do what it takes keep a roof over our heads and put food on the table. Randy has experienced many jobs including: test driving cars for Ford, granite fabricator and installation (yikes, hard on the body) mechanic, landscaper, route truck driver for a rendering plant (he had to pick up dead animals) and much more.

Everyone and all the different jobs are needed. The respect needs to be brought back to the hard working human being and they need to be paid well for their hard work.

Do you have a hard worker in your life you would like to salute and share a picture of?
Join us in our Incredible Creatures BlogFrog Community and do just that!

I've always been a fan of the show Dirty Jobs. Maybe it's because I find Mike Rowe rather hot. Maybe it's because my dad was a hard worker. An airplane mechanic for over twenty years in the Marines. He could build a house from the ground up or completely disassemble and reassemble an automobile engine.
My husband Randy has always been a jack of all trades. He's a hands on learner. If he has the supplies and time to learn a new trade/skill he will. Some of his skills came out of necessity during the last 25 years of our marriage. There would be times where a house repair was needed and calling in a professional was not an option. Why call a professional if he could figure it out himself. laugh
Back to Mike Rowe. Mike Rowe recently testified before The Senate Commerce Committee about our country's relationship with manufacturing, hard work and skilled labor.
Awesome speech! Thank you Mike Rowe for honoring and bringing attention to the need of more skilled workers.
Mike spoke from the heart. After reading Mikes article please share a picture and praise for someone in your life who is a hard worker!

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