Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: Papa's Tribal Cafe': A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors

Papa's Tribal Cafe' is a very timely published manual for our ever evolving world. 

Odysseus shares his spiritual journey raising his son as a single parent. He profoundly provides parents the tools to raise and nurture their rainbow warriors.

Odysseus shares empowering techniques and in depth wisdom on how to instill within the children a deep connection to our planet, each other, the purpose and importance of growing nutritious food, ideas on teaching the expansion of self through dreams, dance, exercise, journaling, artwork and most importantly learning the importance of being able to trust the process of life.

Powerful quotes & words of wisdom permeate throughout Papa's Tribal Cafe'

If your parenting goals include teaching your children about:
  • Honesty, honor and truth
  • Learning how to trust an inner knowing that help is always on the way
  • The power of our breath
  • The future of our food, GMO's and how to take back control of our food supply
  • Helping your child balance their energy so that they are healthy, flexible, receptive and focused
Then this is the parenting book for you!

Papa's Tribal Cafe': A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors is a must read for everyone raising children in these ever changing, turbulent, magnificent times!
Odysseus's personal dolphin encounter will shower your soul with gratitude!

Odysseus's blog Conscious Parenting/Nurturing Rainbow Warriors

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