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Radioactive Clouds, Radioactive Rainbows By Odysseus

Radioactive Clouds, Radioactive Rainbows

"Did you feel that rumble, did you hear that sound?
Well, it wasn't no Earthquake, but it shook the ground...." 
-Gil Scott Heron

Above all, if we are to be effective parents, we must lead by 

The intensity of the events that are unfolding and emanating 
from Japan is massive. On many levels, life on Earth will never 
be the same.  Details are emerging and transforming every 
second.  A clear image of what precisely is happening may never 

It wasn't until years later that the public learned that the 1986 
Chernobyl Nuclear disaster had blanketed Europe in a radioactive 
cloud.  Radioactive clouds are after all, invisible.

Scientists tell us that the 9.0 earthquake affected the earth's 
rotation so that we are spinning faster now by  a few
micro-seconds.  Anyone who has been paying attention,
however, is aware that time is accelerating a lot faster
than that and has been from before the quake hit.
2011 has been and will continue to be, 
all about momentum.
We have already experienced escalating solar winds unleashed 
by strong solar flare activity, increased volcanic eruptions 
(including one in Japan during the ongoing quakes and 
aftershocks they are experiencing), economic upheavals and 
political revolutions.  Everything is connected and the message
is the same everywhere: Transformation.

I remember, many years ago, a friend made a simple observation 
about how much trust we take for granted during the simple act 
of driving.  We just assume, he said, that the cars speeding along 
in the opposite direction are going to stay on their side of the 
double yellow line.  Anyone of them could take our life away in a 
micro-second with a simple quick shift of direction.

In the same way, we take an awful lot for granted in trusting in 
our living spaceship Earth.  From water, atmosphere, gravity and 
electro-magnetic fields to 24 hour rotation, seasonal tilts and a
harmonious, unerring dance with the Sun and Moon revolutions, 
we trust and assume that everything will stay on course and 
inside the lines.

Ongoing revelations from the Japanese epicenter are warning us, 
in no uncertain terms, that we are taking our living spaceship, 
our source of abundance and sustenance for granted and there 
are consequences when trust slips into negligence and taking for 
granted turns into taking advantage of.  This is not a new message,
 it is a message that has been repeated almost to the point of 
redundancy in recent decades, but it has never been delivered 
with such brutal and undeniable force.

Here for all to see is what happens when we underestimate 
the power of the Earth and simultaneously overestimate 
the reach of Man.

It's time to take care of our ship.  It's time to stop taking 
our Mother for granted.

This is no longer an issue that can be divided down party lines or 
conservative versus liberal viewpoints.  It is not something that 
needs to be debated between industries and activists.  
Actions requiring great courage are upon us.  Every decision, 
in every arena, must be contemplated in terms of promoting a 
sustainable, harmonious relationship with our living home. 
We can not go to sleep and expect to wake-up back wherever 
we thought normal existed.  We definitely can not allow greed to 
continue to be the fuel of economies and political systems.  
We must rise-up, collectively with strength, courage and 
compassion.  We must rise-up and act in every direction, in 
every relationship, with every breath, with integrity and 
constant vigilance and respect for this 
delicate planet.

Great healing is needed on every level right now.  With the 
momentum building and the process of massive change and 
transformation already upon us, it is essential that we connect 
with our deepest healing powers and inform this transformational 
process with those healing energies.  

Compassion is the source, courage is the fuel, to heal must be our 

The radioactive clouds are upon us, there is nothing for it.  
They are here.  The years I spent living in the land of endless 
rainbows, Hawaii, taught me some big lessons.  One of them 
was that gray clouds, often have more than a silver lining, 
many have rainbows smack in the middle of them.

That holds true for radioactive clouds as well.  
Even in the midst of overwhelming tragedy, rainbow 
bridges exist for us to transcend the disaster and destruction.  

Those bridges can lead to a realization of our collective 
highest potential.  The massive change we are in the midst 
of can become a transformation of heroic proportions.  

To embark upon the rainbow bridge is to give birth to the 
hero within.

What is crucial is that we understand those bridges require 
inner and outer work to cross. We must have the courage to 
first of all look inward, to bravely question our intentions and 
beliefs, so that we can truly become effective healers in all our 

Only then will we have the power and magic to unite and 
collectively transform those who doggedly refuse to let go 
of their greed-motivated exploitative relationships with our 
fragile eco-system. 

Make no mistake about this, the crossing of a rainbow 
bridge often requires great struggle and the willingness 
to fight. The yellow brick road led to OZ, but not before 
struggles were fought.

Great places to begin:  In the mirror, with our children, helping 
those directly effected by the collected disasters, helping to 
clean-up the environmental damage and putting an end 
to nuclear power.

"There's only one way to keep them safe,
There's only one way to keep them from melting down,
Shut them down, shut them down" 

Written By: Odysseus 

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