Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mister Marv Has Been Sick

My Mister Marv has been a sick dog this past week. Unable to poo or pee. Yesterday we made an emergency visit to the vet. He had his temperature taken, was given anti nausea meds due to the constant need to lick the air, and had an X-ray taken to see if there was a blockage. We were unable to see anything large on the X-ray. Then we went home with meds and instructions to watch him closely while we awaited blood test results. Marv finally urinated at midnight. This morning he was in sorry shape barely able to stand on his hind legs.

The blood test results are in. He has a raging infection. We took him in to the vet for an IV of fluids. He had an IV in his back. It puffed up like a big balloon and then his body absorbed it. We took him home with a supply of antibiotics and a "gentle" laxative. I'm happy to announce he has since drank water on his own, and successfully gone to the bathroom. He is resting and on the road to recovery. 
Thank you to all the wonderful ladies at Alpine Veterinary Clinic for all your help and care.


  1. When the pet is sick we worry about them as much as we do when it is the kids.

  2. Yes, we've been pretty worried. He's been very weak in his back legs. He's finally going to the bathroom and eating better so I think by tomorrow he'll feel a lot better.


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