Friday, March 25, 2011

Homemade Guac For My Party By Leila Mathers

Guest post written by Leila Mathers

I'm so sick of all this crazy cold weather and thunder snow and whatever else is going on outside my window. So I'm throwing a fiesta for my friends and I and I'm going to crank up the heat in my apartment so that we can wear some outfits better for the Mexican environment.

I went online to come up with some decorations and recipes that I could fix with the them. I'm going to go all out for this! I found all kinds of good recipes with my ClearTVBundle and I love how easy most of these Mexican foods are to fix.
But the most important thing about all of this, I think is that I make some homemade guacamole. it just wouldn't be a good fiesta without guac and salsa. But I’m just going to go out and buy some tortilla chips. Making homemade tortilla chips isn’t worth all that effort to me. There’s better time spent hanging up all my decorations in my apartment and taste testing my homemade guacamole and salsa anyway.

Remember Avocados are toxic to dogs and animal! When in doubt play it safe

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  1. Home made guacamole is good anytime of year isn't it?


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