Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Pet Snake


  1. Hey a pet snake. What did you name him?
    Is he a vegetarian? LOL

  2. I am a pet freak. If my hubbie wasn't allergic to animals, I would be the weird pet (not just cat) lady. I have 3 poodles, Koi....well, not anymore. They froze this winter =(, and 2 tree frogs. I have had hamsters, fancy mice (and mated them), a cockateil (sp?), parakeets, and a guinea pig. I had to get rid of the guinea pig and when the hamster and mice died, I couldn't get more because of hubbie's allergies. Anyway, THE ONLY ANIMAL I CAN'T LOVE IS A SNAKE. It just creeps me out how they can navigate land without legs. They are so quiet and sneaky when they slither! Your snake IS beautiful as far as snakes go though! =)


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