Monday, December 6, 2010

Huge Dollar Sale! Top Notch Items For $1.00

Good Monday everyone, I have a huge sale posted on my parenting blog I wanted to share with all of you. One of my favorite publishing companies is having a huge holiday sale!

This sale only lasts through December 11th. So hurry and shop while supplies last!

Dollar Deals! Yep, you heard it right. Dollar Deals!

Here's a few of the items that are just $1.00 
Use for special holiday gifts or stocking stuffer's!
  • Power Thoughts For Teens 50-Card Deck By: Louise Hay
  • The Wise And Witty Stress Solution Kit
  • The Ultimate Astrologer
  • Love Thyself ~ by Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • Words Of Wisdom For Women Who Do To Much - 50 Card Deck (ONLY $1.00!) (Who doesn't know a woman who is always going and doing for everyone else?)
  • Slyvia Browne ~ Father God
  • Carnie Wilson ~ Gut Feelings
  • How To Ruin Your Life ~ Ben Stein
  • Cat Comfort Cards ~ Beautifully illustrated Card Deck With Daily Advice From The Feline World To Their Human Companions!
  • Rainy Day Fun Cards ~ A 25 Card Fun Deck By Parenting Magazine
  • And lot's more. 
This sale is only good through DECEMBER 11TH!

Catalog 2010 - 120x600

December is pay it forward month!
Thanks Grace for the great idea! Grace at Blessed Elements picked me to pay it forward to by sharing a recent contest of mine with her friends! I want to continue to pay it forward by having guest bloggers on this blog all month! 

Would you like to write a guest blog post for my blog with all your links and holiday sales?
Articles need to fit the theme of this blog. Email your article to
Watch for it to be posted and announce your guest appearance to your readers.
Namaste everyone! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

To Do List:

  1. Take advantage of the incredible dollar sale.
  2. Email Carol blog post
  3. Have a great week
Written by: Carol Lawrence

P.S. If you write up your blog post, add all you links and then copy it in html format and email that to me it makes it really super simple to post!

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