Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hormone meat pulled off shelves | Herald Sun

If only they would do this in the US! At least mark on our meat hormone induced so we know exactly what we are eating. My motto at the grocery store is to look for meat and products that are from companies that take the time and money to tell you that they have no hormones and no genetically modified ingredients. It's sad they have to jump through hoops to do this but it lets the consumer know where they stand. 
So sad the US is so soft when it comes to our food. It's time we stand up and demand healthier choices and pick those healthier choices.
Hormone meat pulled off shelves | Herald Sun

Let me know what you think. Should the US follow Australia's lead? 

Have you seen the future of food?
Amazing documentary on the bullying of little farmers by the big corporations, the control of our food and have you heard of the terminator seed

The only way any of this will change is by the choices we choose to make.
When you are at the grocery store buying groceries think about it. Together we can create change.
Put your money where your goals are. Want healthier food choices support those farmers and companies that stand for what you believe in. Do your research, read your labels. 
Become informed.

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  2. I ahve really begun to take a look at what we are eating in my family.

    I ahte to think of all the chemicals and hormones my girls were eating - even in their milk!

    Good luck to you on your endeavour to make changes. It is so important.

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