Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday! Chickens!



  1. Hey Carol . . . love the chickens :-) I love nature so much . . . it is so cool to sit out in my back yard and escape to a whole different world!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, commenting and following . . . I'm following you now :-)

    Hope you are having an awesome weekend . . . Gina

  2. Hi Gina, thanks for stopping by.
    Nature is amazing. I love it too. I live next to a mountain and a river. Now i'm spoiled!
    ~ Carol

  3. Grace let me in on your giveaway! So glad she did! I enjoyed reading about your first adventure in raising chickens... 21 wow! What a fun job for a 5 year old! I have a new kitty that keeps me company while the kids are away at school and I know she would enjoy the stocking!
    I am following, hope you can stop by for a visit!

    Thanks, Becky Jane
    Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!


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