Friday, November 5, 2010

Inspiration from Farm Aid 25-Help Grow Hope For America

It was inspiring and Amazing, yet sad that so many family farms are being replaced by factory farming. We are loosing our family farms at an alarming rate. 

The unimaginable expansion of factory farms is sadly pushing out family farms by making it increasingly difficult for family farms to stay in business. 

Family Farms:
  • Provide fresh nutritious food.
  • Provide local fresh food.
  • They are more invested in the health of the animal and raise their animals more humanely.
  • More likely to use sustainable farming techniques, protect natural resources and prioritize human health due to their connection with the land and need to provide for the next generations.

Factory Farms:
  • Pollute the land by choosing to use chemicals and pesticides.
  • Raise their animals inhumanely. Some chickens never see the light of day and are so fat from growth hormones their legs break from the weight of their own bodies and lack of exercise. (No fresh bugs for these chickens)
  •  According to Farm Aid, every week 330 farmers leave their land. As a result, there are now nearly five million fewer farms in the U.S. than there were in the 1930's.  Of the two million remaining farms, only 565,000 are family operations.
  • Factory farms are about supply and demand even if our health and nutrition is compromised.
  • Food alerts.
  • Food borne illnesses.
  • Disease spread by inhumane treatment of animals.
  • They are to large to manage responsibly.

Here's are a  few heartfelt quotes from some of the performers of Farm Aid 25.

"Read the labels. You deserve the best. Your children deserve the best! Try to buy something from a family farm, sustainably grown." ~ Neil Young

"Respect Mother Earth and her healing ways, Don't trade away our children's days"
~Neil Young

"If you want a better world, it starts with you." ~ John Mellencamp

"Be a part of the good food movement, let's turn it into a revolution and do what you can. It will make a difference!" ~ Michael Symon

Here's a simple check list of ways you can support family farms
  1. Purchase food directly from your local family farmer or farmers market.
  2. Join a local food co-op if there is one located in your community.
  3. Ask for more local products to be sold at your favorite grocery store.
  4. Shop sustain-ably as much as possible. Think about the packaging and the shipping time it took to bring it to the store. Buy what's in season.
  5. Make your money count. Your dollar matters. It's all about supply and demand. 
  6. Demand more family farmed healthier, sustainable products. 
  7. Read labels. Become informed. 
If you don't have any local family farms you can shop from America's Online Farmer's Market

Don't let yourself be bamboozled. Get the facts!

It's time to make our food a priority. With rising health care costs, out control cancer rates, unbelievable inhumane widespread animal torture and increasing obesity issues we need to demand change. We need to change how we shop. 

Just because an animal has given itself of service to humanity does not give anyone the right to abuse it. Raise them with love and respect. Animals are very intuitive, they know what their purposes are. Praise them for feeding your family. If we want to wipe out animal-human dis-ease, then we need to practice conscious farming. 
There are many farmers already practicing raising their animals with love and respect. Feeding them nutritious food, providing them lots of space outdoors, shelter when needed and putting their health first.  

Many thanks to these farmers. If you are one of them and you happen to read my blog post please share with us who you are and where we can find your products.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is supposed to be a high-tech answer to stopping animal disease.  Even though we need a better way to track sick animals NAIS is not the answer. It will do nothing to eliminate the many practices that cause disease in the first place. Factory farming is the biggest reason we have animal diseases.  Feeding cows to cows does not prevent disease from spreading but encourages poor animal health.  We have to make sure family farmers are not put out of their livelihoods and income due to expensive programs which will put additional costs on family farm producers who are already at their breaking point!

Many thanks to Carlo Porto for such an amazing veggie picture!

Thanks for reading my blog, please share your thoughts about our declining food problem in the US.

Written by: Carol Lawrence

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