Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bee Mystery Solved? A possible answer to why they have been dieing off.

Since 2006, billions of bees have flown away from their hives and disappeared. This phenomenon has been called Colony Collapse Disorder. 

Until recently nobody knew why.
Right here in Missoula Montana a team of experts may have figured out the mystery behind the die off of our much needed bee populations. A research team from The University of Montana has identified two problems from studies performed on ground up honey bees from effected hives. 
The possible culprits are a funal pathogen and an unknown honey bee virus.

Who would have thought bees can get viruses and pass them onto other bees.
The bees plight to survive is a great example of how everything is interconnected. 
We need the bees. They pollinate our fruits, vegetables and flowers. They also provide us with a very sustainable food source called honey. Next time a bee fly's in your house accidentally, gently guide it outside and thank it for it's service to humanity. Read more about the latest research in the PLos One Scientific Journal. 

To learn about more ways to help save the bees.
Video on the life cycle of the honey bee.
Awesome links to learn more about saving the honey bees and cute printable coloring bee pages.


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