Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter has arrived early!

Marv stomping around in the snow.

Luna and Spock looking out at the snow.
A friends cabin.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fog In The Canyon

Fog In The Canyon
Originally uploaded by Ken Bondy
Isn't this picture phenomenal? I love the fog. So magical and mystical and all the other colors that play off of each other. Very nice! Ken Bondy takes some amazing photos!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Surprise Giveaway! Two Pet Christmas Stockings~Simple Entry.

I have two brand new Christmas pet stockings to giveaway to two lucky readers. 
Simply leave a comment on this post about what's your favorite article on my blog and what you like about that article. Be sure to leave an email address so I will be able to contact you easily. Also if you are not a follower yet I hope you become one. 

Winners will be announced first week in December!

It's starting to look
a lot like
I know it's
not even
but I want
you to have
your stocking

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Looking For Guest Bloggers.


Do you have a blog or a website that talks about sustainability, healthy eating, teaching kids about being green, pets or nature? Funny animal stories? Do you live on a farm or work at a zoo? 

How would you like to write a guest post for my blog Incredible Creatures At Home And In The Wild?
Five lucky winners will receive a spot for a guest post with several links back to your blog or website.

All guest posts will be posted through the month of December. This is a great opportunity to draw new readers. 

I will share a link to your post at my Intentional Conscious Parenting blog, my twittermoms page and on The Blog Frog!

Leave a comment on this post to let me know who you are, a link to your blog, an email to contact you and what you would like to write about. Please make sure it fits in with my theme.

Good luck! 

I will post the lucky winners no later than Thanksgiving.

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Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving All Year Long!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For Pet Owner.

It's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about what you are going to give your friends and family for the holidays. Do you have friends that have everything. How about giving a personalized pet gift?

Here are a few ideas to get you started!
My good friend Debby over at Faux Paw Productions is an amazing artist.
She makes the coolest cookie/pet treat jars you ever seen. She personalizes them with your pets! Or the pets of who the gift is for. You just email a few pictures to her and she turns them into a work of art.

Other Wonderful Personalized Gift Ideas From Faux Paw Productions:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bee Mystery Solved? A possible answer to why they have been dieing off.

Since 2006, billions of bees have flown away from their hives and disappeared. This phenomenon has been called Colony Collapse Disorder. 

Until recently nobody knew why.
Right here in Missoula Montana a team of experts may have figured out the mystery behind the die off of our much needed bee populations. A research team from The University of Montana has identified two problems from studies performed on ground up honey bees from effected hives. 
The possible culprits are a funal pathogen and an unknown honey bee virus.

Who would have thought bees can get viruses and pass them onto other bees.
The bees plight to survive is a great example of how everything is interconnected. 
We need the bees. They pollinate our fruits, vegetables and flowers. They also provide us with a very sustainable food source called honey. Next time a bee fly's in your house accidentally, gently guide it outside and thank it for it's service to humanity. Read more about the latest research in the PLos One Scientific Journal. 

To learn about more ways to help save the bees.
Video on the life cycle of the honey bee.
Awesome links to learn more about saving the honey bees and cute printable coloring bee pages.


Friday, November 12, 2010

When Hormone Creams Expose Others to Risks -

Is your hormone cream exposing risks to your pets and family?

According to a recent article in The New York Times, veterinarians around the country are reporting spayed dogs, cats and even puppies and kittens are suddenly becoming hormonal.

Repeated operations and standard treatments have had no effect on some spayed and neutered animals.

Symptoms in pets:

  • Swollen genitals
  • Bloody discharge
  • Males are showing up with swollen breast tissue
  • Hair loss
  • Typical symptoms of being in heat
  • Finishing a heat and then showing symptoms of going into heat again right away
  • You've recently spayed or neutered your pet and they are showing signs of going into heat
Precautions to take to protect your family & pets:

  • After using a topical hormone cream wash hands thoroughly
  • Let product dry completely before coming in contact with food, people or animals.
  • If applying to arms, cover with a long sleeve shirt or apply to a different area.
  • Do not let your pets lick the cream off your arms.

When Hormone Creams Expose Others to Risks -

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Check out Ash a super cute Pit Bull puppy.

This is Ash!
He belongs to our friends Jared & Maria.
Thanks for sharing such a cute picture with us!
Ash is a little Pit Bull who snores very loudly.

Look into those eyes..........

Friday, November 5, 2010

Inspiration from Farm Aid 25-Help Grow Hope For America

It was inspiring and Amazing, yet sad that so many family farms are being replaced by factory farming. We are loosing our family farms at an alarming rate. 

The unimaginable expansion of factory farms is sadly pushing out family farms by making it increasingly difficult for family farms to stay in business. 

Family Farms:
  • Provide fresh nutritious food.
  • Provide local fresh food.
  • They are more invested in the health of the animal and raise their animals more humanely.
  • More likely to use sustainable farming techniques, protect natural resources and prioritize human health due to their connection with the land and need to provide for the next generations.

Factory Farms:
  • Pollute the land by choosing to use chemicals and pesticides.
  • Raise their animals inhumanely. Some chickens never see the light of day and are so fat from growth hormones their legs break from the weight of their own bodies and lack of exercise. (No fresh bugs for these chickens)
  •  According to Farm Aid, every week 330 farmers leave their land. As a result, there are now nearly five million fewer farms in the U.S. than there were in the 1930's.  Of the two million remaining farms, only 565,000 are family operations.
  • Factory farms are about supply and demand even if our health and nutrition is compromised.
  • Food alerts.
  • Food borne illnesses.
  • Disease spread by inhumane treatment of animals.
  • They are to large to manage responsibly.

Here's are a  few heartfelt quotes from some of the performers of Farm Aid 25.

"Read the labels. You deserve the best. Your children deserve the best! Try to buy something from a family farm, sustainably grown." ~ Neil Young

"Respect Mother Earth and her healing ways, Don't trade away our children's days"
~Neil Young

"If you want a better world, it starts with you." ~ John Mellencamp

"Be a part of the good food movement, let's turn it into a revolution and do what you can. It will make a difference!" ~ Michael Symon

Here's a simple check list of ways you can support family farms
  1. Purchase food directly from your local family farmer or farmers market.
  2. Join a local food co-op if there is one located in your community.
  3. Ask for more local products to be sold at your favorite grocery store.
  4. Shop sustain-ably as much as possible. Think about the packaging and the shipping time it took to bring it to the store. Buy what's in season.
  5. Make your money count. Your dollar matters. It's all about supply and demand. 
  6. Demand more family farmed healthier, sustainable products. 
  7. Read labels. Become informed. 
If you don't have any local family farms you can shop from America's Online Farmer's Market

Don't let yourself be bamboozled. Get the facts!

It's time to make our food a priority. With rising health care costs, out control cancer rates, unbelievable inhumane widespread animal torture and increasing obesity issues we need to demand change. We need to change how we shop. 

Just because an animal has given itself of service to humanity does not give anyone the right to abuse it. Raise them with love and respect. Animals are very intuitive, they know what their purposes are. Praise them for feeding your family. If we want to wipe out animal-human dis-ease, then we need to practice conscious farming. 
There are many farmers already practicing raising their animals with love and respect. Feeding them nutritious food, providing them lots of space outdoors, shelter when needed and putting their health first.  

Many thanks to these farmers. If you are one of them and you happen to read my blog post please share with us who you are and where we can find your products.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is supposed to be a high-tech answer to stopping animal disease.  Even though we need a better way to track sick animals NAIS is not the answer. It will do nothing to eliminate the many practices that cause disease in the first place. Factory farming is the biggest reason we have animal diseases.  Feeding cows to cows does not prevent disease from spreading but encourages poor animal health.  We have to make sure family farmers are not put out of their livelihoods and income due to expensive programs which will put additional costs on family farm producers who are already at their breaking point!

Many thanks to Carlo Porto for such an amazing veggie picture!

Thanks for reading my blog, please share your thoughts about our declining food problem in the US.

Written by: Carol Lawrence

Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Pet Sales! Forget Black Friday! Sales Right From Your Home.

Yep it's that time of year again. Time to buy all the special people in our life special gifts. Save yourself the hastle and stress of all the crowds. Get ahead by starting your shopping early from home. I've put together a list of great stocking stuffers ideas for your pets and gift ideas for the nature lovers in your life.

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Have you seen How To Train Your Dragon? This movie is so cute. Great for all ages.

This radio is a must have for every household. Buy the kids something they can use in case of an emergency. Always know what weather is coming. Great for any household, campers and hunters.

Voyager Dynamo Solar Radio

Duncraft Window View Nest Box