Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video Of Dolphins Making Bubbles

Have you seen this amazing video? I love how playful dolphins are.
They are such astounding beings!

Watch as the dolphins blow bubbles and play with them just like children do.



  1. I have tears in my eyes from watching this video ~ it was so sweet! Dolphins are truly amazing beings. They have the sweetest faces on earth.

  2. So cute -- I love dolphins! Stopping by from Lime Green Dream's blog hop!!

  3. I know I will love this site as well as I took Neuroethology and Animal Behavior in college! Cool stuff!

  4. Nicki, I bet you have a gift with animals!

  5. My mother sent me this video last week because I LOVE dolphins. They are such amazing creatures and beautiful!

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  7. Hello, I am a new follower from Relax & Surf Sunday. I look forward to reading new posts from you.

  8. Wow...super amazing!! I hadn't seen this yet, and so glad you shared!

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  9. Beluga Whales are also sweet, thanks for the wonderful video!


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