Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello everyone, I've entered an amazing contest that would completely change my home from a semi environmentally friendly green home into a complete green home!

Here's a picture of my
modest ranch style home

Here's the details of the contest!
The Montana Radio Company and Sustainable Building System’s will be giving away over $120,000 in home renovations to a few lucky Missoula homeowners!
The contest is called The Cool Green Home Missoula
  • They started this project with a simple idea, take an existing Missoula home to create a “showcase” for energy-efficient and sustainable products offered by local businesses. 24 area businesses have partnered for this unprecedented project, and each will contribute in their area of expertise.
  • They're goal is to show our community that sustainable and green homes are not only good for our planet but good for our bank accounts, and with planning, big improvements can be made with modest steps.

One of our great sponsors!

  • They intend on setting an example as to what a sustainable green home could look like. They plan on taking an existing home and getting it started on the path to green. They will start the home remodel by completing an energy audit of the home to identify the best places to improve energy efficiency
  • For the next year they will continue to monitor the Cool Green Home and track how much money the winning family saves in energy costs and how their lives have improved.

Another one of our many great sponsors are "Farm to Family Montana"
They deliver wholesome local food right to the shoppers door!

Here's my dream list of what I want to transform my home into a complete green home!

    Who will have the next "Cool Green Home" in Missoula? I sure hope's it me!
    Winning this contest would help my family reduce our carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life!
    What have you done to make your home more energy efficient? 
    How have you reduced your families carbon footprint. I would love to hear all about it. 
    If you have any tips or other ideas I should add to my list please let me know.

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    1. I so hope you get it! Good Luck!
      Found this site, maybe you'd find something you like there!


    2. Good luck! I hope you win win win!

    3. Good luck! That would be awesome!


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