Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grover Miraculously Finds His Way Home! True Story!

Here's a great story from our local newspaper "The Missoulian"
A lady was walking her dog next to the Bitterroot river and when he jumped in he was immediately carried away. She tried to keep up with him along the bank of the swollen river but lost site of him.
She was devastated, and it was getting late so she decided to head home. At home was a big surprise! Her dog had made it out of the swollen river and made it home. They are guessing he went through the wildlife refuge to find his way home because she had previously walked him there. What do you think?
How did he find his way home?

We had two wolf and husky mixed dogs 24 years ago. Do to the circumstances at the time we had to find good homes for them. It was a heart breaking process. We found homes for them individually. Both of them separately ran away from their new owners and made their way through the dessert back home. The new owner of one of our dogs lived 40 minutes away and we had never taken our dogs walking anywhere near his new home. He found his way back to us. I think it's their sixth sense. Dogs are more intuitive than we are.
Have you ever watched your dog go to the door, start wagging his/her tail in anticipation for the company about to knock on your door?

 It was even more heartbreaking to have to continue to find new homes for them after they both had made their way back home to us. We did end up finding a nice ranch home to take both of them in allowing them to have the space to run that they needed.

I'm very happy the Missoula dog owner had a happy ending to her harrowing story.

Have you ever had a dog or a cat find it's way home to you?

Here's the complete story of the dog that nearly drowned.
She thought her dog had drowned!
Written By: Carol Lawrence

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  1. how sweet. my little chihuahua/sheltie rescue ran off on my mom into a field of cows next to the sub division. She couldn't exactly follow through the barbed wire fence. She went home to get my sister to help and when she opened the door... there he was!

  2. Jess that's so cool! I'm glad your mom's dog came back home.


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