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How do you feel about eating GENETICALLY ALTERED SALMON?

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How do you feel about eating genetically altered salmon?

It's getting closer and closer to being served on your table for dinner.

As with anything there are varying viewpoints about this idea. Some say it's a good idea, the fish will be bigger and feed more, some say that farm raised salmon are spreading diseases and sea lice to the wild salmon greatly effecting the salmon population.

Here's my personal thoughts on the issue. We can't solve all our food issues in the laboratory.
Are we going to continue to raise farm raised salmon and potentially risk wiping out our wild salmon?
If farmed raised salmon is here to stay they need to get the farms out of the oceans and into water farms on land so there's less chance of spreading diseases. Are we going to farm raise enough salmon to feed the bears and the whales and all the other animals that feed off wild salmon? There are a lot of animals that rely on salmon as a major part of their diet.

Instead of trying to constantly fix it all in the lab, why not clean up our environment? Create an atmosphere to encourage growth. If we would get out of the way, blend in more, work harder at reducing our impact and footprint on the planet, Mother Nature will take care of the rest.  I realize part of the end goal is to try and wipe out ecoli and salmonella by cloning and feeding the masses cloned beef and chicken but can't we find better solutions? Couldn't we wipe out most of our harmful animal diseases by raising our animals in more healthier, ethically sustainable conditions? How about raising our food with respect?

If certain countries choose to continue to raise their animals in filth and diseased rampant environments stop importing food from them. We as consumers have to start making wiser choices. Your dollar and how you shop have a huge impact. I know some people feel they don't have a voice. You do!
Where you spend your money. What companies you choose to support and invest in, the items and food you buy all matter.

After you finish reading my complete article you might want to go and read about the health risks involved with farm raised salmon and what actor William Shatner has been up too lately!

Health Risks Associated With Consuming Farm Raised Salmon
Here's a great article on how actor William Shatner is helping to save the wild salmon.

A few interesting Salmon facts:
  • Growing 1 pound of farmed salmon requires 3 pounds of wild fish, robbing marine animals of a primary food source
  • Salmon contain a good source of protein but where they come from determines how healthy they are and their contaminant levels. (Another reason to clean up the oceans) There are associated health risks to eating farmed raised salmon also. Make sure to refer to the safe seafood shopping guide. Link located below.
  • Salmon get their pink color from the krill they eat. Farm raised salmon get their pink color from dye added to their feed.
Some animals that rely on mature salmon, young fry or eggs as part of their food source:

Bald eagles, seals, Dolly Varden trout, grizzly bears, wolves and Killer whales.

If you like to eat seafood, learn the facts.
For your family's health, be sure to read the NRDC sustainable seafood guide.
Th also have a great printable seafood shopping guide you can carry in your wallet.
Natural Resource Defense Council Sustainable Seafood Guide.


Look for the Marine Stewardship Council Certified Sustainable Seafood Label.

Here's a link for parents, teachers and kids. Find out how you can protect the oceans!
Fish & Kids is a project of the Marine Stewardship Council, designed to bring sustainable seafood sourcing to schools and restaurants.

Here is a recent New York Times Top Story:
Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table
Published: June 25, 2010
The first engineered animal for people to eat, salmon that grow faster than normal, may be approved by the F.D.A.

What do you think about all this?
 I'd really love to hear opinions.

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Written by: Carol Lawrence
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  1. interesting post! i actually stopped eating meat and dairy because the idea of food tampering just doesn't sound appetizing to me!

  2. Your post is RIGHT ON POINT. I have stopped eating farmed fish myself and have been signing petitions and writing letters to our government officials about this genetically engineered salmon. I wrote a post about it as well, back in November when I couldn't believe that it was a fight still raging on (

    Everyone I speak to seems to feel very uncomfortable with the idea of consuming genetically engineered fish, so, at first, I wondered why wold any company have any interest in it. Then I realized the terrifying truth - they probably won't label it, or they will give it some very commercial-friendly name so that people won't realize it.

    I am worried about this fish. I am worried that more people aren't worried.


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