Monday, July 12, 2010

Have you heard of TAGXEDO?

Have you heard of this yet? You can create your own TAGXEDO using your own individual words or putting in the URL of your website or blog. Create your personalized TAGXEDO in a few short minutes.
The words pop off the screen right at you. This is really fun. Hardy Leung, the creator of Tagxedo created a program that takes word clouds and turns them into shapes.

You can make various shapes such as flowers, whales, dolphins, Eagle, famous people, dinosaurs and more.
Gather up your kids and make a TAGXEDO together today.
This is a fun and easy activity.
Click here to see really cool Tagxedo creations.

Here's my Tagxedo I made in a few short minutes just by adding my pet blog URL.

And here's the Tagxedo I made with my parenting blogs url



  1. This is Hardy Leung, creator of Tagxedo. Thanks Carol for the nice words about Tagxedo!

    Let me share a few tips:

    + Check out the gallery to see what can be done with Tagxedo. The gallery showcases over 300 artworks made by me. I did it just so I can see what can Tagxedo do. And if a computer geek (me) can make beautiful artworks, so can anyone!

    + You can use your own images to make Tagxedo, not just the ones provided. Many interesting ideas out there.

    + Daily Tagxedo where I take current events and turn them into interesting Tagxedoes. I say this is an artform not many have seen before, and hopefully some of you may enjoy it.

  2. That looks SO fun! I am going to try it for sure!!! Thanks for sharing! Following from Mom Bloggers Club!

  3. The cat Tagxedo is so adorable!! Thanks for stopping by From PDX with Love and following! I'm following you back as well!


  4. Great blog... I am now following. Love those pics you created!
    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.
    All the best,


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