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Here's how you can help with the Gulf oil spill.

Updated June 15, 2010

News from Matter Of Trust, June 14, 2010: Orange Beach, Alabama Mayor Kennon and Councilman Brett Holk using the donated natural fiber booms (hair, fur, fleece, feathers stuffed into nylons by volunteers) then put in shrimp bags with pool noodles for flotation. They want more because they say it works better since the oil floats underneath the white conventional boom.

Here's how you can help with the Gulf oil spill.

As I watch the news I just cringe and feel helpless in stopping the oil from harming our pristine environments and wonderful creatures. There is an organization called "Matter of Trust" that is creating a movement of making a difference you can join and help too. If you live in the nearby areas, volunteers and donations are needed. If you live faraway you can donate to help.

Matter Of Trust

There's a way anyone can help.
Hair / Fur / Waste Wool Clippings & Recycled Nylons Donations
Call up your grandma and ask her if she has any nylons she wants to donate.

Salons, groomers, wool farmers... all natural fiber donors can sign up to contribute to this program and get posters about our Hair For Oil Spills Program. Please see their specific instructions for this program. Individuals can tell their salons about the program and / or just mail in their own hair after reading instructions for individuals. Nylons must be washed, can have small runs, and be put in a separate bag from the hair if coming together. (There is a link on their site for collection sites in each state)

They are using hair and fur to make oil booms.

Watch this video to learn more!

Frequently asked questions.

They Have 9 Easy Ways To Give $ and support:

All donors will recieve a thank you letter and donation verification tax-deductible receipt.
Our Federal Tax Excempt ID#: 06-1530091 IRS Tax Exemption Letter (PDF)
  • Check / Mail
  • PayPal
  • Credit card via Phone or Online
  • Online Store
  • Foundations / Large grants
  • Inkind
  • Hair/Fur/Fleece/Feathers/Nylons donations
  • Sponsorships/ Endorsements / Social networking
  • Grassroots Projects / Fiscal Sponsoring
Go there now to contribute.

Thank you to "Matter Of Trust", all the volunteers, people
who donated, all the animal and nature lovers, and to those who care. You rock!
Please repost/retweet this article and continue to spread the movement!

Written by: Carol Lawrence


  1. Excellent post with helpful ideas! Stumbled and posted on FB!

  2. It just breaks my heart to think about all the damage the oil spill is creating. Until now I though there was nothing I personally could do about it but thanks to you I see I can! Thanks so much for writing about what we can do to make a difference.


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