Monday, May 17, 2010

Did anyone see the show "Animal Planet Investigates Petland"?

I watched the new show on Animal Planet tonight called "Animal Planet Investigates Petland".
So sad to see that human beings can be so disattached that they just don't care how they treat an animal. Money in their pocket is all they care about. One breeder was blaming her mother for the dirty water buckets that were growing mold. Why didn't she clean them out herself? It was a really good show. Animal Planet usually replays their shows so watch for it to come on again. As much knowledge and information that there is about puppy mills there's no reason that puppy mills should exist.

There are reputable dog breeders. Reputable breeders are not concerned about hidden cameras and are willing to let the public view how they raise their dogs.

I'm very happy we have other choices on where to get our
beloved pets. You can start by adopting from your local
Humane Society or local no kill shelter.

There are so many unwanted animals needing a loving, healthy home
that there's really no need to have to spend mega money
on a dog at a famous pet store.

Local shelters and Humane Societies spay and neuter their animals before adoption to avoid unnecessary deaths due to irresponsible owners.

I have three dogs and three cats. One of my dogs (Ghost)
and one of my cats (Spock) was adopted from
The Humane Society.

One of my cats (Dexter)was a rescue off the street.
A friend of mine rescued him and I fell in love
and took him home.

Luna (above on the presents) was our first cat, she came from a nice home in the country
that had two many kittens.

Marv and Goldie came from a friend who's dog
had puppies and she had no way of taking care of them.
They are both Pit Bull mixes.
They have been very loyal and loving dogs.

I love all my animals. We are so greatful we get to interact with them daily in our lives.
Next time your thinking about getting a new pet. Think about your local shelter!

They sometimes have small animals too. Quick tip: Call ahead to find our what they have available and their adoption policies. Most shelters can be found online.

Written by: Carol Lawrence


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  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wish I had caught this episode. Petland is a pretty big shop in our area and I avoid it because I had heard the rumors. Both of my dogs are rescues and I love them dearly!

  3. I've had pets my whole life and they have always been rescued or from HS. I think animal breeding should be banned. Animals breed naturally and there are so many that need adopting. It's silly to pay money for a special breed!

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