Sunday, May 2, 2010

Awww! Baby squirrels.

Awww! Baby Squirrels.

I looked out my bedroom window the other morning and to my surprise was a mama squirrel and her baby. She was nursing right there in the grass! I was surprised to see them in  such a vulnerable spot since I have three dogs and three cats! In the process of running for my camera I missed out on a great picture but I was able to catch a few other great shots through out the day. It's definitely Spring in Montana. Baby squirrels running around the yard, baby leaves on the trees, the birds are busy getting their nests ready and recently we've been entertained by an Osprey family that has made a new nest near our home. (I'll try for pictures of the Ospreys)

Later on in the day when I went to look out the window and check on the squirrels I noticed there were three baby squirrels! They are so cute. They learn from watching their mom. She was guiding them along the fence tops. She would move a little ways then stop and wait for them to catch up.
She showed them exactly what to do and when to do it.

Mama Squirrel and one of her babies.

Baby squirrel crawling down the tree.

Mama squirrel dipping her head into
a hole in the tree for her stash of nuts.

Written by: Carol Lawrence

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Squirrel Diner
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May 17, 2010
Carol: Thought I would share the picture of our squirrel that I caught this morning .... we have named him "Rocky!" We do not know if there is a Mrs. Rocky or baby Rockies at this point in time!
Thanks Pat!


  1. Isn't it wonderful how we can capture beauty all around if we just take the time we need to pause and "See" it?

    Following from MBC!

  2. Very cute blog!

    I am your newest follower from MBC:)

  3. Happy Tuesday! I want to let you know that
    I am Honoring you with the Sunshine Award! You deserve some sunshine and I love reading you blog! You can head over anytime and Grab It! Enjoy your Week!

  4. You got some great shots of mama and baby. Squirrels make really good mothers, as you observed they show them how to do everything. I really like the photo of mama and the little one.

    It looks like you like animals like i do. I have a lot of squirrel photos on both of my blogs but you would have to dig through the post. If you like check out the header and sidebar on Through Squirrel Eyes


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