Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a Nutt!

We were leaving Missoula Montana after a great visit with friends.
These friends were extremely upset that we had not seen deer, let alone any animals in the wild on the nearby Montana mountains.

About an hour after we left Missoula we found ourselves in need of "rest station." In luck, we pulled into a nicely built, grassy area with picnic tables, water fountains and the most important part, men and women rest rooms. It was a delightful site after a thermos of coffee. After doing our business I noticed two small grey and brown squirrels skittering across the lawn. I decided that I would try and entice them with some "Ritz" crackers that I had brought with us. Within several seconds of breaking off small pieces of the treat the word was out. First those two, two more, two more, two more ... they came from under the ground, behind buildings, bushes. We quickly counted twelve or more. I looked down and watched as they grabbed a piece, stand on their hind feet and hold the cracker piece with their front feet and chew madly. Little squirrel cheeks expanded with each bite. I looked down at the ground. I counted twelve or fifteen several brave ones inches from my feet, as if to say:

"Hey ...we want some too!"

Several cars arrived. A women with a bag of cereal joined the feeding frenzy but they (the squirrels) skittered back to their hiding spot when one of them (squirrel) screamed a warning. With the woman was a young child. It was apparent that "children" had terrorized or frightened them. What a shame. Maybe, just maybe, with time and kindness the squirrels would realize that small children were not their enemy and they (the children) would get to experience what we had . . . squirrels up close and personal and in the wild doing what they do best!
Written by: Pat Chastain

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