Saturday, April 24, 2010

A second chance!

marv with sunglasses
This is Marv, he’s a Pit Bull mix. He’s truly a real sweetie. My husband named him after Marv from the movie Sin City, but I call him my Marvelous Marv. He loves walks, hiking, camping, sleeping in, riding in a vehicle, chasing squirrels and licking everyone he meets. He loves children!
This is Goldie, she is Marv's sister. Yes she is also named after a character from the movie “Sin City”. In case you didn’t know me and my husband have different tastes and ideas for pet names.               
She likes car rides, hiking, camping, chasing squirrels, BONES, fetching her tennis ball, her pillow and blanket. Yes she requires a pillow. Here’s the proof.
xmas09andfauxpaw 046
She gets a little chilly in Montana in the winter so she has a cute little pink sweater to keep her warm.
randy42ducks 002
This is ghost. She is a Great Pyrenees. She is beautiful, she has big brown eyes with bushy eyelashes. She is headstrong and territorial. When I first started homeschooling my youngest son in his middle school years we decided to volunteer at a pet shelter. (He’s now 19)We spent the day petting and playing with the dogs and cats. When we walked into the dog section the dogs were going crazy. They were barking and trying hard to get attention. We played with as many as we could. I saw Ghost she was in her pen and very quiet. She just watched us. She didn’t bark. That night after our volunteer visit I had a dream. She came to me in the dream and told me to take her home. I woke up visibly shaken to the core. I told my husband we had to go get her. I was in tears. I knew being a big dog she didn’t have as good of a chance finding home as a smaller more manageable dog did. He agreed to go take a look, we ended up bringing her home. She’s part of the family now. The funny thing is she was taken to the Humane Society because of her barking, she’s had her vocal cords cut three times. She didn’t bark once while there. Believe me she barks a lot at home. She’s not perfect but who is? We ended up adopting a cat too. Now our pet family consists of three dogs, three cats and one snake. My husband suggested we find another place to volunteer before we had our own zoo.
Thinking of a new pet. Before you run to the pet store which possibly could have gotten their animals from a puppy mill, check out your local animal shelters. Many of the animals are on death row and need and deserve a second chance!
Written by: Carol Lawrence

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