Monday, April 5, 2010

The day Pugsy found her voice!

Pugsy came into our lives when my two boys were very young.
Never having a dog of my own as a child I wanted a "lap" dog that would cuddle but yet be sturdy enough that my boys could not easily hurt.
On Saturday, with instructions, Mike (the oldest of the two boys) and his Dad went to the pound to see what they had to offer. I will never forget the look on Mike’s face as he carefully carried the "mutt" they had chosen into house. My first impression was that she was so ugly she was cute.
She had a dachshund body, brown, white, black wire terrier hair, big brown eyes and ears that stood straight up. The husband tells me that this little puppy had picked them. She wagged her tail all the while speaking some version of "dog" somewhat of a snarl, growl and whine, all the while curling back her lips into a smile showing her teeth. After only a couple of swats with a newspaper and a stern "No!" she was potty trained.
It did not matter if someone was in the same room or not. Pugsy became animated when she wanted outside. She would talk, wag her tail and run in circles back and forth to either the back or front door.
She would become even more "animated" when you talked to her.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.
The family grew from four to five with the birth of our daughter.
The years took its toll on Pugsy. She got a little slower and some of the brown around her nose was replaced with grey. One day Mike and I were alone in the house. Pugsy suddenly jumped off the couch and began to talk. I got up and walked toward the door. I asked Pugsy: "Do you have to go outside?" Pugsy replied: "I don’t want to!" I glanced at Mike whose mouth hung open in surprise. Several moments passed before I asked Mike: "What did she just say?" Mike wide eyed said: "She said, I don’t want to!"
It was amazing . . . He had heard her speak the same words as I had.
 It was a wonderful day. The day Pugsy found her voice!
Written by: Pat Chastain

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