Saturday, April 17, 2010

Burglary in Progress!

The day had finally arrived. The new house was finally done and we were moving from the City to the country. The boys were extremely excited. They would now have their own back yard complete with a swing set.
We were not too sure how Pugsy, the family dog, was going to like the change. As near as we knew she had never seen the country. Sure, she was "leach" trained but we were unsure how she was going to like being tied up when she went outside. It would be tough on her until we could fence the backyard.

She surprised us by "not running off" when we let her outside to do her business. It was like she knew, that if she took off she would be tied up and not allowed to roam. She seemed to be content to just enjoy the new "country" smells that were offered to her. She would go no further then the house next door in either direction. One afternoon we let her out the back door. We usually stood by the door to make sure that she did not run off. This summer day, the phone rang. I went to answer. Behind me I could hear Pugsy barking profusely. I yelled at her to stop. Even the boys came out of their bedroom to see what the racket was.
They stepped outside. I heard Mike yelling at Pugsy to:

"Come ...get away!"

Not knowing what was wrong I ended the call. The boys were standing a couple of feet from the back door. Pugsy was busy digging near the left side of the cement pad that was in front of the door. Mike, the oldest, said that he thought that a bug or snake had crawled under the stoop.
He fought a good fight to pull a determined Pugsy away from the hole that she was digging. I walked over to the stoop to see what was in the hole that had caused Pugsy to be so upset. All three of us peered into the hole and saw at least six or seven small clear scorpions and a couple larger ones trying their best to get away. How Pugsy knew that they should not be there we would never know. She got an extra helping of food that night for her efforts.

A couple of days later Pugsy let us know that we had other "stranger danger" folk in the area. She was in the next yard, up to her shoulders in half dead weeds. She would bark, back up, bark again burying her nose in the weeds. It was now a familiar bark. We were not sure whether the scorpion family had just moved and set up residence in the neighbor’s yard.
The husband and the boys armed with a shovel walked cautiously to the area where Pugsy was barking. I heard Joe yell for the boys to get back.
I was immediately alarmed and asked what it was. I watched as Joe took the shovel and scooped something up. He threw whatever the shovel held far into the desert as far he could throw. I asked again what it was.

"Just a baby rattlesnake!" he replied.

I guess spiders and snakes were common place in Arizona. I wondered if I would ever get use to sharing the land with them.

The day finally arrived and the fence was to be installed. I’m not sure who was more excited, us or the dog. A friendly Pugsy would now be confined to the front yard while workers dug holes, and poured cement. Pugsy with "business" to do outside made it know that it was time. I opened the door. At just that moment a boy, which I estimated to be ten or eleven, rode by on his bike. The spokes of both wheels had playing cards installed that gave a distinctive "whir..." sound. It was a sound that, for some unknown reason, Pugsy did not like. She ran out the door heading straight for the boy on the bike as fast has her short little legs would allow. She barked a warning that she was indeed: "A big bad mean dog!" The boy saw her coming and swerved to avoid hitting her. Swerving just a little too hard the boy lost his balance and fell off the bike. He immediately claimed that Pugsy had bit him. Much to his disappointment I was witness and told him so. Much to our dislike we felt to save arguments with boys riding their bikes, and the neighbors we agreed that Pugsy needed to be tied to the support beam of the carport whenever she needed to go outside. We did not want to take the chance of Pugsy or anyone else being hurt. The next day, while Pugsy was quietly sun bathing, she was startled by an unfamiliar sight or sound. Her bark now more agitated then I had ever heard it alerted me to her plight. I opened the door just in time to see the boy, from the previous day, riding away once again on the familiar bike with the cards in the spokes. He was carrying, what looked like a rifle. I looked down and noticed several copper colored BBS laying on the ground. I was tempted to untie Pugsy and let her have her way. I was appalled by the action taken by the boy. He was lucky, it looked like Pugsy had not been hit.

The fence was finally up and Pugsy loved patrolling her yard. She slimmed down to a healthy size. Most of the time she wanted to be outside. Pugsy and the boys spent many happy hours in the back yard. The boys playing on the swing set, playing in the dirt, playing ball just doing what boys do. Pugsy loved to chase and retrieve a tennis ball just about as much as the boys liked throwing it for her. Summer was quickly coming to and end. One night, we had the neighbors over to play cards. They had two girls which the boys seemed to tolerate. They too were playing a game in the living room. Suddenly Pugsy’s familiar bark could be heard. We waited knowing that she would quit. This bark was different. It was the same bark that we had heard when she went after the boy on the bike. Joe yelled at her to stop. Her barks only intensified. She was running along the entire length of the fence that separated us from the next door neighbor’s house. Joe stepped back into the house asking about the neighbors next door. I confirmed that they were on vacation and there was no one home.

"Strange .... a light just came on in the kitchen." Joe said.

We quickly checked the front for the neighbor’s car. Only a boy’s bike lay in the driveway. Joe and the neighbor, both being off duty police officers, decided to check out the house. The neighbor went to the front door and Joe to the back door. The neighbor rang the door bell. A boy opened the door. When asked what he was doing inside the house, he slammed the door and headed for the back door. Joe was waiting. The police were called and it was determined that the boy had been burglarizing the house. As it turned out, this was the same boy that had terrorized Pugsy. The husband was just a bit jealous. Jealous that Pugsy had caught her first "burglary in progress!"

Written by: Pat Chastain

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