Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A dachshund named Maui

I have grown up with dachshunds almost my entire life so it was only natural that when a fellow employee told me that he was being over run with "weenie dogs" I jumped at the chance. The mom had given birth to six black and brown puppies on September 11.
As I looked at the mother, father, and the many sisters and brothers,
I waited for the moment when I would know which one I was there to rescue.
There she was barking a "hello" in the mist of a sea of black and brown fur.

On each side of her tiny face she has a brown heart.
I knew it was love at first sight and we were meant for each other.
She had the delightful "puppy smell" and smothered me with luscious puppy kisses.
I was a little concerned that Jada our other black and brown dachshund would be jealous.
As luck would have it, instinct took over and she mothered this new addition to the family.
It took several days before we decided on a name that seemed to fit her personality.
Wanting always, to visit and sit on a sandy beach it was easy.
Every day after work I get to come home to Maui who loves me with every breath she takes.
Written by: Pat Chastain

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